As an average person, there is a lot of information you may need to know about various websites. This is important before you hire or sign up for some advertised services or products online. The language may be enticing and convincing, but there is no contact information. If you ever feel stuck, use a free domain Whois API to find the website owner’s address.  Here is what you find with this free tool.

Contact Information in Full

You will find the full contacts of the website if it’s public registration.  All you need is to enter the website address, and you will get his or her email address, phone number or physical address. Then you can use any contact that you find some efficient for you.

Web Hosting Information

Most people are not concerned about web hosting any particular company. However, at one time you may need to know who has hosted a particular website and most probably when you want to create your site. If you like how it operates, use the Whois API free tool to know the host. You can do this without contacting the owner. A good site is defined by speed and easy navigation, so get a good host if you can and why not copy others if you like their website?

Domain Availability

It is easy to create a website and get started online. It is understandable as many people have shifted to online shopping and consultation. If you want to tap the business opportunities, you must be ready for competition. To be among the best, start with an excellent catchy is not an easy task but you can use domain Whois to check if the name you want is taken or not. Sometimes you can use search engines to check if there is a website by that name and find nothing, but with Whois, you end up finding it’s already registered.


A free domain Whois is an essential tool that can be used in different ways. Get contacts of varying website owners easily as long as the owner used public registration. You can use the tips above and find web hosting information to use in whichever way you want. Now you know how to use Whois online and without seeking any professional help.