A few years ago, domain extensions were few including .com, .org and .net. This has changed over the years, and there are many domain registry companies. The high demand for domain extension has prompted this, and it’s a bit easier to find one. You need to know domains extension can impact your SEO performance and even worse in a negative way.

It is well-known that extensions such as .net, .org and .com rank high with search engines. Changing from one extension to another can also affect your SEO. A domain loses its ranking and will take time to regain its high ranking. However, it goes back and continues leading, and you should not worry about changing your domain extension. Allow some time to pass, and you’ll be back to the top or whatever position you were. SEO ranking is not determined by domain extension only; there are other factors including:

  • A domain extension that is dedicated to a particular industry will keep your business doing well even after you have changed. A good example is pizza fast food hotel changing from .com to .pizza. This will have low effect on your SEO performance or may improve it.
  • Domain extensions will have no impact on a high-quality site, and it will still appear on the first page.
  • With a country extension, you can get favor in SEO if your business targets people in a certain country.
  • Google confirmed that no domain extension will give a website a ranking advantage. But that doesn’t eliminate the chances of an indirect influence.
  • A few studies have shown that .org is favored by SEO more than others including .biz, .edu or .com.

 How Does Domains Extension Help In Conversion?

People will perceive a website differently once they see its domain extension. Some extensions are seen as easy to remember while others look spammy. People have different navigation habits. Google is still preoccupied with user experience, and that means the following:

  • Some extensions are expensive and so, spammy sites will not use them. This means that those who use the costly extensions are likely to rank higher due to trust.
  • A site with verified extensions such as .gov or.arch rank higher because Google recognizes verified domain extension.
  • If keywords are placed after or even before the dot, they have no impact on rankings. However, they offer trust and relevance to those searching for the keywords, and your website is likely to get more visits. Examples include .news, .jewellery and many others


It would be correct to say that domains extensions do have a slight influence on your SEO rankings.